About Me/Contact/Review Policy

Well hello there! Welcome to Fiction_TheNewReality! If you're on this page, then I'm going to assume you want to know a little bit more about me and my blog.

Here's my review policy first:

1) The most important thing: I'm sorry, but I don't accept electronic/digital review copies. When I read e-books I get really bad migraines and feel nauseous (ugh, I know.) So again, I apologize, but I cannot accept e-books for review.

2) I will review:
-All genres under YA (except for nonfiction)
-clean adult fiction

3) If you have a physical copy of a book you'd like for me to review, by all means, send me an email!
Email me: fictionthenewreality@gmail.com
Twitter: @Read_Draw_Dream
These are my preferred methods of communication, as I am generally not on Facebook.

Concerning blog tours:
Unless you are an author I have interacted with before, or I have contacted you, then I prefer not to participate in blog tours. This is only because most of the review copies provided for blog tours are digital, and as I mentioned before, I am not open to e-books. 

Concerning ARC reviews:
As most bloggers, I will have my review of a galley posted less than a month before the release date, unless otherwise stated.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, no ebooks? I had to get a kindle b/c if I tried to read on my husband's iPad my brain would explode, but kindles are okay.

    Stupid migraines putting weird limitations on our lives. *shakes fist*