Friday, October 25, 2013

My Goals For The Upcoming Month

Okay, so just a quick post about my goals for the month of November!
1) More followers, please!- If my current followers could be so kind as to spread the word about my blog, I would love you all to pieces!
2) Read 31 books (and blog about them all)- October's almost over and I maybe read about 24 books this month? And my overall yearly goal is 365 so I really have to catch up!
3) Really interact with my followers more on my blog.- I still have some signed goodies and arcs left over from all the book events I went to this summer, so once I get my blog some more followers and more advanced designs, I hope to host a giveaway!
That's basically all! I really hope that you guys will continue to read my blog, comment, interact, spread the word! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, friend me on Facebook, and follow with Bloglovin'!
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