Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ARC Giveaway & A Little Message!

Hi guys! As many of you may have noticed, my presence on my blog and social media has been somewhat limited lately. You know the reading slumps we sometimes get into? Well it feels like I've been in a blogging slump lately. I've considered taking a hiatus, but I came to the decision to keep moving forward. It's at that point of the year where I'm just buried under mounds of schoolwork, while putting in hours at my job, at the gym, at my taekwondo studio, and at my church. It's all been a little overwhelming lately, and I really really really appreciate everyone who has stuck by me or just checked on me these past couple of months. I love blogging, but I've been feeling a lot of the pressure. What I've decided to do is to keep on reviewing, and weekly posts such as Waiting on Wednesdays and (possibly) Discussion Thursdays will be up and running soon. There will be a bunch more author features, interviews, giveaways, and definitely more reviews to come as well. As you can see, my blog design has also changed, and will possibly change again in the near future. I plan on spending an entire month (probably May) where no ARCs will be read. Just books from my very long TBR list. So with all that said, once again, I really appreciate my lovely readers and commentators and general supporters of my blog and I. I will be catching up with all my author and blogger friends ASAP! I <3 you all!

That's why I'm here today to offer up a comment love giveaway!

Recently, I reviewed an ARC of THE EDGE OF FALLING by Rebecca Serle. Check it out here! I really enjoyed it, and I want to give away an ARC copy to YOU! Yes YOU! This giveaway is partially a THANK YOU for all my amazing followers and partially to get that comment love flowing! 

Rules of Entry:
2) No cheating with your entries, I always check.
3) Entries can be earned through leaving comments. Please don't leave mean comments, or short, general comments such as, "I loved this book too!"
4) The winner has 24 hours to respond to my email.
5) The ARC will be sent out at my discretion.
6) I promise to try my very very best to respond to all the amazing comments you guys leave!
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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Your health is what's important. :) And I'm really glad you'll keep on blogging. Maybe I'll devote a month to just reading finished copies as well. :D <3<3

    1. Thank you Eli!! You are one of the people that has always just been there for me, and I can not thank you enough for it. <3<3<3 We'll talk (extensively!) very soon!


  2. When we're overlwhelmed, we always feel like something has to give, and the more you stress about blogging, the bigger the slump can get!
    Spending May as a month to read just books on your TBR list that you want to read and not review books or ARCs is a great idea! Getting ARCs is fantastic but sometimes we burn out ourselves trying to read and catch up on reviews!
    Hang in there!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! I'm really looking forward to just focusing on my TBR list! :)

  3. I was wondering where you've been lately. I miss seeing all your reviews. Keep on keepin' on. Can't wait to read this book!

  4. Aww, Jayne. <3 We (or at least I) love you too. I definitely understand feeling like you're just buried under a mountain of work. I've sort of gotten into a blogging slump too, but since I just got back from a hiatus, I know I can't go on hiatus again. Anyway, I love your idea of taking a whole month to not read any ARCs. I hope you get out of your slump soon, and I hope your pile of work gets a little more manageable. Love you and miss you! <3

  5. That cover looks intense with the close up of the character's flats standing on a ledge and everything beneath, like the city lights, blurred. Makes me interested in reading this and I'll definitely keep my eye open for this book (even though I have plenty of ARCs and other books sitting in wait for me to read).

    Also, I definitely understand how life can get hectic. I personally like keeping a super busy schedule because I never know what to do when I have huge gaps of free time in between the hectic moments of life. It also makes me feel more fulfilled the more active and busy I am. So often times the little extra things usually get pushed off to the side (*cough*internet*cough*), so I completely understand your need for a break to step away and focus on the things in your life and to read books of your own choosing instead of ARCs.

  6. I have read many reviews about this book. Interesting as also the cover! :)