Saturday, December 28, 2013

ARC Review: Finding Home by: Lauren K. McKellar

Title: Finding Home
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Shelves: Young Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Recommended for Fans Of: Tracy Martin, Jessi Kirby
Publication Date: October 1st, 2013
Source: Escape Publishing/ Netgalley for review

Synopsis: As the daughter of a minor rock star, Amy is used to the relaxed life on the road. But when Amy's dad dumps her in a small town to go live with her aunt, Amy has to learn to fit in with a whole new crowd. She meets the handsome football player- who happens to have a girlfriend, the shy and sexy bad boy Nick, and the wild child Lily who will affect Amy's life as change it forever. 

Review: So I started off this book with high hopes. I love contemporaries, and Finding Home sounded like a really good book. But I ended up kind of disappointed. I think my main problem with this book was that there were too many "blurred lines." The people in this novel didn't seem to know the difference between two contrasting points, and that really bothered me. 

Characters: Alas, I did not like the characters. Our main character Amy, I found her really shallow and vain. She seemed really oblivious to me. Amy mixed up love and lust, even when she did end up with the right guy. Another major issues for me was her drinking problem. How she still had a liver left completely eluded me. In the book, it said that Amy drank straight for about 3 days. What I don't know is how she wasn't dead by then.

Other characters I had problems with was pretty much all the major characters in Amy's life. Luke was an asshole, and should have been locked up, Nick was stupid and let Amy drink when he knew it was wrong, and Amy's aunt Lou disgusted me. She was an ADULT and she let Amy do whatever she wanted and drink whenever she wanted.

I'd like to mention something before I get on with the rest of my review: This book takes place in the UK, where the legal drinking age is 18. Amy was almost to the legal age, but this doesn't excuse her addiction AT ALL. 

Storyline/Plot: I have to hand it to the author. Finding Home was entertaining in some ways, and really easy to read. But only because there was no depth in it. At the end, none of the characters really end up changing, so there really was no point to the entire story.

Writing: Concerning writing, I was able to connect with Amy's feelings, but I couldn't echo her emotions. I understood how she felt, but that didn't change my opinion of her. However, the scenes did flow easily, and it made for an easy to read and entertaining, if not enlightening, story.

Conclusion: Although not stellar, Finding Home was like a rainy day with small bursts of sunshine that I was able to appreciate and respect all the same.


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