Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get Well Soon (Anna Bloom #1) By: Julie Halpern

Title: Get Well Soon (Anna Bloom #1)
Author: Julie Halpern
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Shelves: Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Humor
Recommended for Fans Of: Ned Vizinni, Jessi Kirby

Synopsis: Anna Bloom is depressed. Well, she doesn't really think so. But apparently her parents do because they've sent her to a mental hospital. In the loony bin, Anna meets a bunch of loony people, and loony mental hospital employees. And then there's Justin. Handsome, sensitive and mysterious, he might be the one thing Anna is willing to commit herself to in  this mental hospital. Hilarious and poignant, Get Well Soon is where life on the wild side may not be so bad after all. 

Review: Aw, this story was so cute. I felt like Anna was your typical female protagonist. Confused in life, worried about things a typical female teenager worries about, and just generally being a girl. It's refreshing to see a character in a novel where she doesn't have any extraordinary skills or exquisite beauty. Anna was just, a regular girl. Sometimes this made the book a little boring, but you have to admit, if you were to have a story written about you, many parts wouldn't be very interesting either.

The only problem I had with Anna was that I wasn't sure where her thoughts were going to go. One minute she's berating herself for being "fat" and then the next she's dancing around, without a self-conscious thought in her mind. This wishy-washy type of thinking kind of perplexed me, but it didn't get in the way of the overall story.

Justin was A-FREAKING-DORABLE. He had his flaws, but he was also just a normal teenage boy. I wish there could have been more romance between him and Anna though.

Although the ending was so cheesy, I did feel the character's emotions. After reading the entire story through Anna's thoughts, you're entirely submerged in her point of view and her way of thinking. I really didn't want this story to end! It was definitely way too cute to end.

Conclusion: A mild and witty read, Get Well Soon would, surprisingly, make for a good cheer-me-up after a long day:)



  1. I love it when a character is just adorable!! Really, I'm a character person as much as I love a good plot. I'm surprised this has missed my radar.

  2. This story sounds really cute! I love a realistic protagonist. It make both the characters and the story more real.

  3. Really bad, bad parents, sending their child to the loons! But there is comedy where everyone thinks that there will be only craziness!