Friday, December 13, 2013

January's New Year, New Books: A month of giveaways and fun!

Hello to all my lovely followers! I am so excited to introduce something brand new and FANTABULOUS to you all:
Yes, that's right! A whole month of YA 2014 debuts/stand-alone giveaways and fun! 

So for each day in January, I'll be featuring a different author with a YA 2014 release. They'll be here to guest post, share playlists, and play snarky games;) Along with a special post, there will be GIVEAWAYS! Since these books will be 2014 debuts, some lucky winners will be receiving MUCH COVETED ARCS! We also have some fabulous swag and pre-orders to give away. Yes, I said the magic words: giveaways and ARCs.

For the rest of December, I'll be tweeting and posting updates on new authors, and hints for what is to come! I'll be featuring authors such as Lindsay Cummings (author of The Murder Complex), Philip Siegel (author of The Break-Up Artist), Rebecca Serle (author of The Edge of Falling) and SO MANY MORE! 

So, my lovely followers. I need your help to make New Year, New Books a success. I'm working really hard to make this a fabulous event, with even more fabulous giveaways. But if no one enters, and no one comments, then I will be very sad. So I am kindly asking you to help me spread the word, visit my blog and read the posts, and especially ENTER THE GIVEAWAYS! You can show your support to these 2014 authors and these books right here on my blog. They're super, mega fantastic for participating and they want YOU to make this event super special.

So, please? 

Support, share, and SCREAM because New Year, New Books is coming soon!!


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