Friday, December 6, 2013

Teardrop By: Lauren Kate

Title: Teardrop (Teardrop #1)
Author: Lauren Kate
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Shelves: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Recommended for Fans Of: Kiersten White, Katherine Peacock

Synopsis: Eureka's mother has always had one rule for her: never, ever cry. After Diana dies in a tragic accident, Eureka is slowly deteriorating. A few months later, Eureka's world is flipped upside down again as a handsome and mysterious boy appears in her life, an ancient book is uncovered, and strange things start to happen. Eureka is about to find out the devastating effects of the world she lives in and the tear she will not shed.

Review: If you've heard about this book, then you know it has a really interesting and original synopsis. I love books that involve natural elements. However, I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in this book. I was expecting a quick paced fantasy thriller with a swoony romance and lots of action. But sadly, that is not what I got out of reading Teardrop.

One of the things that did not work for me was the pace. It was slow, and nothing really happened until the last quarter of the book. Considering that it comes in at about 440 pages, I was hoping for so much more. There is action, sure, but the climax of the story doesn't really hit until the book is almost over. I didn't really understand what was happening until maybe 3 quarters of the way through.

The romance was also so lacking. I loved Ander and Eureka but again, nothing really happens until the end. Sometimes that works in a novel, but I didn't love it all that much in Teardrop.

One other point that I just have to mention is the narrator of the story. I'm not really sure exactly who was narrating it! Sometimes I felt like the events were being told from Ander's point of view, but then it seemed to come from Eureka's point of view. I found this really confusing and weird, making it a little distracting to read.

I gave Teardrop 3 out of 5 stars instead of a lower rating because I loved the way Lauren Kate's scenes and writing flows. Besides my issues with the point of view, I really commend Lauren for writing such beautiful and intricate scenes, with an easy flowing dialogue. I haven't read any of Lauren's other books, but if the writing is the same, then I might be compelled to read them.

Conlusion: Teardrop wasn't too bad, but it wasn't too good. Sometimes there's just one book you read where you finish it saying, "ehhhhh." For those of you who haven't read it, give it a try. You might like Teardrop a lot better than I did.



  1. Exactly! Nothing happened until the last 50 or so pages and by then, it was too little too late for me too.
    Sadly, I didn't like both Ander and Eureka at all. Ander was a stalker (and a creepy one at that - what he did to Eureka's tear SCARED the hell out of me) and Eureka was basically everything Brooks said she was.
    Ohh, good point. I've never noticed the constant switch of point of views between Ander and Eureka, but that's probably because I was speed-reading the last half of Teardrop because again, NOTHING WAS HAPPENING.
    Maybe it's because I've read so many other books with a lot better writing than Lauren Kate's because I felt like her writing was very choppy. Her descriptions of her characters were long and parts of it not really needed. I dunno, that's just my opinion on that part. o:
    Anyways, great review! (:

    1. Hey Kelly! Thanks for stopping by! I don't think I'm going to be interesting in reading the second book:/ I mean, really? Almost 500 pages and nothing happens besides the reader finding out what Eureka's curse is all about. I might take a chance on Lauren Kate's other books, maybe...

  2. Kelly is the scary stalker--she's completely obsessed with Teardrop!!!

    Teardrop is utterly unique and completely beautiful.

  3. I was really disappointed by this book, mainly because the love story just doesn't work for me. Ander and Eureka pretty much start expressing their love but they don't really know each other. It just creeped me out a little that he not only stalked her for most of her life, but he also had a pretty big part in her mother's death and nearly hers as well.

    I met Ms. Kate in Dallas this fall and had a chance to tell her my theories about certain characters in the story and how they fit in and what will happen. I wasn't happy to find out I was right about it all. I'm not a fan of books I can figure out almost immediately. It was a cute story, but not one I'd recommend to my friends.

  4. I haven't read this one yet, and I am wishy-washy about it honestly. I am in the court that really likes the authors Fallen series, even though so few others seem to these days. But her writing, like you said, is really beautiful. And regardless of the reviews, I would still read anything by her. I think I am just not as intrigued by this synopsis as I want to be. Maybe one day I will read it. I am pretty sure that I couldn't pass it up at the library, once I see that I cover in person!

  5. I read the Fallen series and my complain with the books in that series is exactly the same, nothing really seems to happen for most of the book and then all happens at the same time in the final quarter of the book!

    I adore the cover, and I might be giving this one a chance eventually, but I'm not in a hurry to read it.

    Thanks for the honest review!

  6. Still doesn't read this book. But I am happy with your review.
    And just what you say, it sounds really confusing when you don't know if the book is told by the maincharacter of by another character.
    And it is a pitty when nothing really seems to happen, except for the last part of the book. :(
    Thanks for your review.


  7. I'm a little bummed that this book was a dud because I bought it for my niece for Christmas. The cover is so amazing, I was drawn in!

  8. Looks like an awesome book to read! I love the cover. Nice review, too!

  9. Honestly, I probably won't read this one. I really struggled with the authors first series. I don't think her books are my taste.

  10. When I read Fallen, I was like OMG, this series is awesome. Then I got to the second book in the series and I'm like why did I waste money on this entire series? So I've been a little sketchy on whether or not I should read this one. Thankfully, your review cleared things up a lot! I think if I attempt to read this, which I probably won't, I'll just borrow it from someone. Awesome review!