Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stacking the Shelves #2 (For the month of December)

Happy Sunday and welcome to the second installment of Stacking the Shelves! For those of you who don't know, this is usually a weekly post (hosted by Tynga's reviews), but I decided to do my posts by month. (This is only my second month of blogging!) Check out what I got for the month of December, and make sure to leave a comment for me, letting me know what you got too!

Physical ARCs- from publishers/authors for review
1) Cress by: Marissa Meyer
courtesy of Fierce Reads/ Macmillan
2) Avalon by: Mindee Arnett *SIGNED*
courtesy of HarperTeen/ Mindee Arnett
3) Maybe One Day by: Melissa Kantor
courtesy of HarperTeen/ Melissa Kantor
4) Pretty Sly by: Elisa Ludwig 
courtesy of HarperTeen/Elisa Ludwig
5) The Treatment by: Suzanne Young
 courtesy of SimonTeen
6) The Edge of Falling by: Rebecca Serle
 courtesy of SimonTeen
7) The Last Forever by: Deb Caletti
courtesy of SimonTeen
8) Me Since You by: Laura Weiss
courtesy of SimonTeen/Gallery Books
9) Girl in Reverse by: Barbara Stuber
courtesy of SimonTeen/Barbara Stuber
10) Three by: Kristen Simmons
courtesy of TorTeen
11) The Museum of Intangible Things by: Wendy Wunder *SIGNED*
courtesy of Razorbill/Wendy Wunder
12) Enders by: Lissa Price
courtesy of Random House Kids
12) Being Sloane Jacobs by: Lauren Morril
courtesy of Random House Kids
13) The Tyrant's Daughter by: J.C. Carleson
courtesy of Random House Kids
14) Acid by: Emma Pass *SIGNED*
courtesy of Emma Pass
15) Defy by: Sara B. Larson
*extra copy* courtesy of Scholastic
16) Unaccompanied Minor by: Hollis Gillespie *SIGNED*
courtesy of Hollis Gillespie
17) Shattered Veil by: Tracy E. Banghart
courtesy of Tracy E. Banghart

Giveaway Wins
There were less giveaway wins this month, but I made up for it in review galleys LOL
1) Signed paperback of The Distance Between Us By: Kasie West
2) Paperback of Wake By: Amanda Hocking
3) Signed paperback of Have A Nice Day By: Julie Halpern
4) Signed hardcover of The F-It List By: Julie Halpern
5) Hardcover of A Corner of White By: Jaclyn Moriarty
6) Signed hardcover of Find Me By: Romily Bernard
7) Signed hardcover of Seven Deadlies By: Gigi Levangie
8) Hardcover of A Conspiracy of Alchemists by: Liesel Schwartz

Gifted/ Exchanged
I was actually gifted a lot of books this month, so thank you to all those wonderful people! 
1) ARC of The Vow from ARC cycling
2) ARC of The Program from YA Book Exchange
3) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn from Andic's ABC's Christmas Exchange program
4) ARC of He's Gone from Rachel @ Reading in Twilight
5) ARC of Aquifer from Rachel @ Reading in Twilight
6) ARC of Splendor from Ashleigh @ The YA Kitten
7) ARC of Season of the Witch from Ashleigh @ The YA Kitten
8) Hardcover of Pawn from Chrissy @ Every Free Chance
9) Hardcover of Ashes to Ashes from Andye @ Reading Teen

There was some lovely swag in my mailbox this month so a huge thank you to all the lovely authors who sent these to me!

Thank you to Courtney C. Stevens for all the lovely cards and bracelet! 
Thank you to Katie McGarry for the beautiful ribbon and signed bookplates/bookmarks!
Thank you to Victoria Scott for the awesome signed bookmarks!
Thank you to Cristin Terril for the swagilicious signed bookmark/bookplate!
Thank you to Megan Crewe for the bounty of bookmarks!

For those of you who know me, I cannot read e-books. But I couldn't resist these beauties!


Alas, I only bought one book this month, and it was because there was a sale lol

So if you read through all that, THANK YOU! I would love love love it if y'all left a comment for me! 

Next month, I'll be featuring a MULTITUDE of YA 2014 authors who will be here on my blog to play snarky games and give away ARCs and prizes! If you haven't read the full post it's right here!
It's called New Year, New Books, and I invite you all to join me to celebrate!



  1. OOOooo Pawn! Ooo The Program and The Treatment! I'm also jealous of Cress and Enders. I also enjoy Amanda Hocking's books :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love Amanda Hocking's books also;)

  2. Great haul! You have some amazing books in those piles. I recently read FIND ME and loved it, so I hope you do as well. Happy reading!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Find Me sounds amazing and I cannot wait to read it! :)

  3. So many great books! I'm jealous! I love how you took pictures of the books too! Its so much cooler/interesting to see all of the books and swag (:

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Kathy! Very much appreciated!

  4. You did good this month! You may have read Avalon already, but I think that book is seriously awesome. I loved it. I also read Defy and Being Sloane Jacobs, both of which turned out pretty good for me. I have an ARC of Maybe One Day on its way to my house, so hopefully that'll be in my next book haul.

    I hope you have been enjoying the books and I hope you will continue to enjoy them!

    My STS

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kaitlin! I'm hoping I'll be doing better in the months to come! :) Defy was okay, but I'm reading Being Sloane Jacobs now!

  5. I'm making some serious grabby hands for so many of those books. Some I've read as e-ARC's but some I am simply DYING to get my hands on.

    I really hope you love all of them!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Alexia! I really appreciate it! <3 Hope you enjoy your e-ARCs!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Tracy! ;) I especially love the one entitled, "Shattered Veil" ;)

  7. WOW SO MANY BOOKS! :) Yay! And uh, kinda jealous over here! (Any chance you feel like movin' to California? Ha ha)

    1. OMG yes please! Then we can share books, and then I can read YOUR book hehehe ;)