Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year, New Books Day 11 (Part 1): Amy Zhang+ Falling Into Place

Welcome to Day 12 of New Year, New Books! Today I'm featuring a super fab author with a book release date that is just too far away.

1) Amy Zhang
-author of Falling Into Place (September 9th, 2014)

Is this Kristen Stewart? The world may never know.

Although very little is known to the general public about Amy's upcoming book, the prose sounds GORGEOUS. Aghck I need this book.

Title: Falling Into Place
Author: Amy Zhang
Shelves: Young Adult, Contemporary
Publication Date: September 9th, 2014
Publisher: Greenwillow Books


Summary from Goodreads: About a teen girl who attempts suicide, told from the perspective of her neglected childhood imaginary friend. The book is scheduled for fall 2014

Fourteen random facts about Amy Zhang
Amy's website|Goodreads author page

1.    I wrote an entire novel in my bathtub. I realized, one summer, that I write best in places that are quiet, dark, and completely without distraction, and turns out, the bathtub was perfect. Not too comfortable, but whatever.
  1. I know the musical version of Les Miserables by heart. Also, almost every Disney song.
  2. When I was younger, I used to sleep with my favorite books under my pillow. Ever try sleeping with Harry Potter under your head? Yeah, I think we’re the most dedicated fandom.
  3. English is my second language. When I was in preschool and still learning to speak it, I would make up words and randomly drop them in conversation. I remember getting super confused when other people didn’t understand me.
  4. I am fully capable of eating an entire pie in one sitting.
  5. The first book that ever made me cry was Charlotte’s Web.
  6. I wrote my book, Falling into Place, during National Novel Writing Month last year, except I fell behind schedule and ended up having to write 15K in the last two days.
  7. I have a serious problem when it comes to marathoning TV shows. I watched the first three seasons of Downton Abbey in a weekend. I watched Game of Thrones in five days. I started Once Upon A Time about a week ago, and I’m almost done (SEND HELP).
  8. If I could marry any fictional character, I’d screw monogamy and go for Brigan (Fire, Kristin Cashore), Akiva (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Laini Taylor), Sydney Carton (A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens), Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time, and Tony Stark.
  9. I paper-mached my desk with old book pages, and I whenever I come across a good quote, I write it on my desk.
  10. I keep a decorative dagger behind my bed. I got it at a garage sale. It makes me feel kind of badass, but let’s be honest—I’m going to stab my eye out one of these days.
  11. A security dog at the World Trade Center Memorial licked my contracts. That’s right. My book is dog drool approved.
  12. I’m currently in the early stages of building a pair of wings out of dictionary pages.
  13. And my darkest secret: I hate popcorn. Hate it. I await your pitchfork-wielding mobs, Internet.
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  1. THIS BOOK HOLY COW YES. I'VE WANTED TO READ IT EVER SINCE I HEARD ABOUT IT. PS. The Harry Potter fandom is certainly the most dedicated. And I love that your desk is paper-mached!

  2. I'm going to sound like a total weirdo, but I love books dealing with teen issues and they really have helped me go through some things. I am officially dying to read this and it will be on my top 10 anticipated of 2014 because of how astounding of a book it sounds like, and I can't wait (the entire 9 months) to read it

  3. Awwww, Amy sounds like someone I'd like to be friends with (and I may or may not have followed her on twitter for that exact reason)... >u> Also, paper-macheing your desk- pretty darn clever.

    This book, I feel so bad for missing it but it sounds so so good. I don't know what it is about a book related to teen issues and such, but at the same time it's from the viewpoint from an imaginary friend. That's just screaming 'my feels' all over the place and I can't wait to get my hands on it. ;A;

  4. Suicide books are always tough to read especially when about teens. It will be interesting to see how the book plays out since it's told from her imaginary friend's point of view.

  5. Loved this post!! BAHAHAHA the random facts are just brilliant.

  6. I want a desk like Amy's. It sounds super awesome. This post was so fun to read!

  7. I do not think that could be Kristen Stewart. The person in that clip is actually smiling.

  8. I would love to do that to my desk! That would be amazing :-)
    And Disney songs are great!

  9. This book sounds awesome, and the synopsis is tiny.. Tiny, tiny. And I am still ready to read it right now. I am looking forward to seeing the cover design. They could really do something interesting with it, if they think about it long enough. And I really enjoyed her fun facts. They were absolutely fun, and made me want to read the book even more! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  10. SHE WROTE IT IN HER BATHTUB! That's totally cool. I must read this bathtub-written masterpiece of hers