Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, New Books Day 9 (Part 1): Liz Czukas + Ask Again Later

Day 9: Ask Again Later

Welcome to Day 9 of New Year, New Books! I've got a super cool author on my blog today!

1) Liz Czukas
-author of Ask Again Later (March 11th, 2014)


Liz Czukas is one of the funniest and sweetest authors I have ever met. And also, she has this really amazing book coming out soon. Seriously. I just started reading it yesterday and it is SO GOOD. Add it to your Goodreads shelf, people!!

Title: Ask Again Later
Author: Liz Czukas
Shelves: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: March 11th, 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen


Summary from Goodreads: Despite what her name might suggest, Heart has zero interest in complicated romance. So when her brilliant plan to go to prom with a group of friends is disrupted by two surprise invites, Heart knows there's only one drama-free solution: flip a coin.

Heads: The jock. He might spend all night staring at his ex or throw up in the limo, but how bad can her brother's best friend really be?

Tails: The theater geek...with a secret. What could be better than a guy who shares all Heart's interests--even if he wants to share all his feelings?

Heart's simple coin flip has somehow given her the chance to live out both dates. But where her prom night ends up might be the most surprising thing of all...

A Swoony Boys Post with Liz Czukas
Liz's Website|Goodreads author page

In Ask Again Later, my main character Heart (yes, that really is her name) has to choose between two invitations to prom. In Heart's case, she doesn't really want to go with either of them, but that doesn't make the choice any easier. I so can't blame her--I hate decisions!!

Jayne decided it would be fun to torture me by making me choose between the swooniest potential prom dates from some of my favorite books. Because she's mean like that. Just kidding, Jayne. But some of these are seriously tough choices!!

1) Gale or Peeta?

I started out team Gale, but by the end of the first book, Peeta was winning me over.  By the end of Mockingjay, I was a full on Peeta girl.  He's just so darn LOYAL. Not to mention the adorableness of Josh Hutcherson...

2) Edward or Jacob?

Okay now THIS is a decision more like Heart's, because honestly? Neither. Jacob's got too much temper and he's way too macho for my taste. Edward on the other hand has that creepy stalker, control freak thing going on. I guess between the two of them, I'd have to go with Edward, but we'd be getting him some counseling for his issues ASAP.

3) Harry or Draco?

Harry. No brainer. He might be an a**hole from time to time, but it's not usually on purpose. Draco on the other hand has that whole evil-for-fun-and-profit thing going on. Plus I have a thing for guys with glasses.

4) Mr. Darcy or Mr. Bingley?

Intelligence is sexy, so I'm going to go with Mr. Darcy, but I wish he acted a little more like Mr. Bingley sometimes. A little verbal sparring makes up for a lot of aloofness, though. Smart and sassy--rowr!

5) Willem from Just One Day or Park from Eleanor and Park?

Are you trying to kill me, Jayne?! Willem or Park?! In what world am I supposed to chose between Willem or Park?! Ugh. Willem is so dreamy and spontaneous and sexy! Park is so sweet and smart and loyal! Ugh! This is torture!! Um, um, ummmmmmm....Willem! No Park! No Willem! *runs off weeping*

6) Maxon or Aspen?

Maxon. For sure. Apsen's baggage doesn't match mine, you know what I mean? He's got that inferiority complex. No thanks. Plus, a prince. I mean, if you have the opportunity to marry a prince and it's not because you've been kidnapped by his evil father or marry the prince.

7) Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss or Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door?

Ooh, tough one!! I love love love Etienne's sense of humor and his confidence, but I love love love Cricket's genius and sense of fun! Total boyfriend material, both of them. But I'm going to have to give this one to Cricket. He's yummy, smart, and doesn't lead Lola on with sexy sleepovers while he still has a boyfriend (yes, I'm looking at you, St. Clair.)

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  1. #7 is IMPOSSIBLE to choose!!! Seriously. I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

  2. I have to go with Peeta too. :) Loyal guys are my absolute favorites!

  3. Sorry I am still for Gale all the way :-) <3 Mr. Darcy! And I definitely like Maxon better also!

  4. Is it wrong that my answer is neither for pretty much all of them, except for Park. I love Park <3

  5. I am super excited and proud of Liz, and was glad to see we're on the same team for just about all of the picks. (Go team Maxum)

  6. Ooohhh, this one! I just won this from a Twitter party and I'm super excited to read it! I love her answers for the swoony boys post!!

  7. The only definitive answer I could give is Harry Potter. And that was such an easy decision to make!

  8. Ask Again Later, another book I've been keeping my eye on!